Training Key Areas Essay

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Training Key Areas
December 22, 2014

Training Key Areas
Training on legal requirements, diversity, and employee growth are necessary to maintain the organization’s reputation. These areas also motivate the organization and individuals to attain the goals and objectives in the business strategy. This paper will present information for each of these areas to demonstrate what the organization will gain in the offering of this training and how programs meet professional or personal employee needs.
Legal Requirements
Failing to provide training that is required by laws and regulations could result in litigation action against an organization. Even worse, failure to provide training that addresses specific safety issues, or providing
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In all of these situations the motivation for the organization is twofold. If the organization does not follow these laws and regulations, the company may face litigation where fines would be paid or criminal action where someone may go to jail. The end result is loss of company reputation. If the company follows these laws and regulations and incorporates them into the business strategy, the end results are well trained and informed employees. Employees that are well trained and informed by their employer perceive that the company cares about them and their ideas, and this will motivate them to attain the organizational goals and objectives.
Diversity training eliminates “values, stereotypes, and managerial practices that inhibit employees’ personal development” and allows “employees to contribute to organizational goals regardless of their race, age, physical condition, sexual orientation, gender, family status, religious orientation, or cultural background” (Noe, 2008, p. 373). Diversity is something that all organizations and managers should be aware of and learn more about. Everyone does not have the same world or task view, and what may be considered important to some may not be as important to others. It is important to understand the viewpoint of others to understand that each of us has unique needs and processes for learning. We must continuously learn and embrace different cultures and ideas, learning what we can to present learning in

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