Tragic Hero Essay

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Tragic Hero Essay The play Antigone, written by Sophocies, is a great example of a classical Greek tragedy. For years, there has been a debate weather Antigone or Creon is the tragic hero. The king of Thebes, Creon has some qualities of a tragic character, but doesn’t have all of the necessary traits. However, Antigone contains all the traits that are require to be a tragic hero, especially three traits. In Sophocles’s Antigone, Antigone is the tragic hero because she is not completely good, nor completely bad, recognizes her own error and accepts its consequences, and meets a tragic end. One way that Antigone is the tragic hero is because she is neither completely good nor bad. One example of this would be when she buries her brother, …show more content…
She doesn’t refuse on the decision of Creon and just agrees with it. Last of all, she accepts of what is going to happen to her when Antigone says, “Or if I have, I shall know the truth in death. But if the guilt lies upon Creon who judged me, then, I pray, may his punishment equal my own.” (Scene 4, line 67-70) This shows that she knows that her death is coming up and doesn’t care of dying for what she believes. She understands that she broke the law and knowledge her consequences.
Finally, Antigone is a tragic hero because she meets to a tragic end. In this case, Antigone has a tragic end because Creon declares, “And leave her alone there. And if she lives or dies, that’s her affair, not ours: our hands are clean.” (Scene 4, line 56-57) This shows that Antigone is going to suffer and die by herself. Creon wants Antigone to feel pain so Creon can have his hands clean. As well as, when the messenger says, “She had made a noose of her fine linen veil and hanged herself. Haemon lay beside her,” (Exodos, line 59-60) This tells us that Antigone killed herself instead of suffering in death. In furthermore, Antigone makes suicide and Haemon, the son of Creon did it too. These show that there was love in between this two. Haemon really loved her so he died too because Antigone did it. Antigone thought Creon would leave her

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