Traffic Accident In Cambodia Essay

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“Traffic accidents kill around 1,240,000 people annually in the world, or at least one

person for every 30 seconds” said Mr. Kong Sovann, representative of Global Road Safety

Partnership (GRSP). Traffic accident is known as the most common problem in Cambodia which

results in a serious injury or death. In Cambodia, there are at least 5 people die from traffic

accident or 15 people suffer from a serious injury per day. In order to prevent traffic accident,

people should learn and understand the cause and the effect it can have on our daily life.

In order to prevent traffic accident you must first understand about the cause of it. There

are several ways which can cause the traffic accident. First and foremost, the causes of traffic
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Secondly, the cause of the traffic accident is over-speeding. Over-

speeding usually happens at night or at the place where people are not found. For instance, late at

night, around 11 pm when not so many people are found, Peter feel rush and want to go fast so

he drives his motorbike at the speed of 90 km/hour; John, on the other hand, have the same

thought. After becoming careless, Peter and John crash each other and fall on the ground. It’s not

a really good thing because both of them have to stay in a hospital for quite a long time. Most of

all, the other cause of traffic accident is the disobedience of traffic laws. An example of

disobeying traffic laws can be not wearing seat belt or helmet. It sound simple and illogical

which makes people become careless and cause injury or death.

Since you already know about the cause of the traffic accident, you should also

understand about the effect of it on our daily life. The first important effect of traffic accident is

death. You might be wondering why does disobey one little things could cause death? Think

about it, if you're traveling on a road without wearing helmet, first you will feel
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Injury is the second important effect of traffic jams. In

other words, it's like if you're lucky enough you only get injury instead of death. However, injury

is not completely a good thing; you might feel lucky because you didn't die but injury cause pain

and waste money and time. So, it is better to be caution and stay alert every minute when you are

travelling on a road. Most importantly, the effect of traffic accident cause society disorder and

lose income of economic. Have you ever imagine what the foreigners think when they visit our

country and see these disaster? They will feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Additionally, these

might cause them to criticize and look down on our country. You might think this is not your

problem and the government should be responsible but actually it affects the whole country and

citizen, including you.

Try to think about it carefully, do you want to waste thousands of dollars in the hospital

just because of your one and small mistake? Do you want to waste your time sleeping on bed in

the hospital just because you forgot to wear helmet? Of course not, nobody wants that which is

why we need to learn how to prevent them. There are several ways which are useful to help

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