Tracing Trajectories Of Practice By Kevin Roozen Essay

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In his essay, “Tracing Trajectories of Practice”, Kevin Roozen, a professor at the University of Central Florida, claims extradisciplinary activities help develop literacy skills (159). In his research, he studied a student, Lindsey Rachels, on the effects of extradisciplinary engagements on her writing. In her case, Lindsey kept a prayer journal and created visual designs for her undergraduate class. She developed a skill of studying and learning more in-depth through writing passages and analyzing them. Through her art class, she learned how to organize her papers. Lindsey’s experience helped shape her writing. Roozen concluded that what helped Lindsey improve her writing was the process she took in writing her journals and creating visual designs. Throughout his essay, Roozen stresses the impact of extradisciplinary activities on literacy. This paper includes information I have gathered through an interview of my classmate, Kayla Howard, on how people around her and extradisciplinary practices shaped her literacy. Kayla was born and raised in Southern California. Her dad is a co-owner of an electric and construction company while her mom is a stay-at-home mom. Her whole family is athletic and loves to stay outdoors, so it was different when she decided to major in Creative Writing. She did watersports in the summer and skied in the winter. During the interview, she mentioned, “I was the black sheep of the family” (Howard).
She was exposed to both reading and…

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