Toyota Business Plan Essay examples

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Toyota is the leader of the hybrid technology with its Prius. The Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car (Case, paragraph 2, ‘The Prius…higher speeds.’). Toyota used the Prius as the centre-piece of their campaign to give themselves a more environmental image compared to their rivals. The reason why the Prius was such a success and other hybrid models were having troubles to get buyers, is that the buyers of the Prius want to make a statement about themselves. They want to show people that they are more environmentally aware then other people. Toyota recently had some troubles with their cars in 2010 (Case, paragraph 7, ‘In 2010…brake problems.’). They had to re-call 437,000 hybrid cars because of some brake …show more content…
There are many competitors like Nissan, General Motors and Ford (Case, paragraph 9, ‘Both Nissan…this year.’). Nissan and General Motors just promoted their new electric-powered vehicles on the market, and Ford is planning to start selling an all-electric version of the Ford Focus later this year. Nissan introduced the first all-electric vehicle called the Nissan Leaf, and General Motors thinks they’re going to have a breakthrough with the Chevrolet Volt, a hybrid car running on rechargeable batteries. (Case, paragraph 10, ‘Nissan, one of…gasoline engine kicks in.’). But even though the degree of rivalry is high, Toyota sticks to their hybrid technology and they keep developing. But it might be a good idea for Toyota to start investing in a new technology that would enable them to produce fully electric cars. Secondly, the threat of new entrants is also high. When industries like Toyota boast relatively high on sales in hybrids, they attract the attention of firms operating elsewhere who are looking for new arenas to compete in. Because Toyota was such a success, many companies like Nissan and Ford became interested in this type of industry. Also, the barrier of entry is relatively low. The hybrid technology is not a secret and can be used by any company. That’s why it is easy for other companies to compete in this industry. Therefore, it is of big importance that Toyota starts

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