Land Rover Case Study

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Over recent years, Land rover, owned by Tata Motors ltd. has experienced a major boom in profits and earnings from sales of its products in china. This is as a result of exploring the UK- CHINA bilateral business relations. The UK in CHINA is strongly associated with the values of traditional, upper class, high performance, reliability and trustworthiness. Land rover has been successful, taking utmost advantage of the avidity for British products. China overtime has transformed into been a buying market, rather than been a keenly priced manufacturing place. “International companies are recognizing that they need to do more than simply rely on the power of their brands to win market share.” (Andy,
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4. CREATING MORE DEALERSHIP ACROSS CHINA: Land rover has increased its dealership across china by almost 200 per cent since 2010, they invested in putting infrastructure across china to support its growing dealership network and also setting up training centers and part distribution centers. According to Phil Popham, Global Sales Operations Director for Jaguar Land Rover, said, “Land Rover has ambitious plans for growth and as well as developing our global manufacturing footprint, we are investing in our global sales and service infrastructure, to enhance the experience our customers have of our brands.” (Jaguar media centre , 2012)

5. SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OPERATIONS: EMPLOYING A LARGE NUMBER OF THE CHINESE LOCALS: Jaguar Land Rover places great importance on its employees and has a comprehensive staff development programme comprised of an excellent performance appraisal and talent development process that combines employee training and growth, whilst encouraging a work-life balance. The company’s current employee base in the country has increased to over 400, more than 90% of who are Chinese. It’s also a young, innovative team, with 85% of its employees in China less than 40 years old. (Anon.,

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