Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to companies taking responsibility for their impact on society and taking responsibility for the impact of their decisions and activities on customers, employees, communities
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Coca- cola
We all have heard about coca-cola growing up. But who thought that we would actually have to analyze their workings. We’d rather be sipping on some coco cola in front of our televisions, right? However, what some people don’t know is that along with its overwhelming unique pop soda fizz comes depth to Corporate social responsibility.
Coca cola enterprises’ corporate social responsibility and sustainability performance has been reported since 2008. The mission statement of CSR in Coca cola is “ Deliver for today, Inspire for tomorrow”. This means that they concentrate on delivering for today, growing a low carbon, zero waste business, and inspire change for a more sustainable tomorrow. Coca cola has dedicated its success to CSR in many different ways.
Their main focuses are as follows:
1. Energy management and climate protection:
Climate change caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions is the main concern of today’s world. It has lead to global warming by pushing an off switch on our valuable natural resources slowly. Coca cola has recognized that they should be more responsible towards their earth and have developed several strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of all the products, in all packaging formats, across the value chain. This means to concentrate mainly on how they purchase sustainable ingredients and consider how their packaging is made, how their drinks are bottled, the way they are transported, how they are chilled and the way they are
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3. Saving Water
Water is one of nature’s most valuable natural resources. It is an important ingredient in our everyday life. It is used in every aspect from agriculture, to manufacture. Slowly, our earth is facing numerous of scarce resources, including water; however abundant it may be.
Coca cola has committed to being responsible stewards of water, which means using as little as possible for each litre of beverage that they produce.
They would carry out the strategies bby

-Protecting water sources for operations and communities
-Reducing the amount of water they use
-Recycling the water that the company uses by ensuring it is treated and returned back to the environmental standards set for the aquatic life.
-Increasing the quality of water that is used for producing the coca cola’s products worldwide.
-Consider and contribute water in the less developed countries that face problems such as scarce water

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