Tourist Destinations Essay

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Unit 39: Tourists Destinations
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Contents Page Number 1. Introduction 3 2. Definition (Tourism receivers, Tourism Generators) 3 3. Tourism Receivers Statistic 4 4. Tourism Receivers Analysis 5,6,7,8&9 5. Tourism Generators Statistic 9,10&11 6. International Tourism Future Trends 12,13,14&15 7. UK Tourism Statistic 16 8. UK Tourism Statistic 16&17 9. Future Tourism in UK 18 10. Bibliography 18,19&20


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I think it might be a next reason.United States is the first ranked country in the world so far, people might think that they have to visit such a country like this and specially New york is one of the busiest city in the world. I think it might be an attraction to people’s mind. In addition the climate also one of the most important point for tourism in United States. Speacially in the summer times the temperature is very good for make a visite to United states, in day time maximum it is 32°C, min 21°C and the night time maximum 18°C and minimum 10°C (,2011).As i mentioned above, it’s very expensive to travel to United States from other countries (the countries which are not belong to American continent). I think this is mainly how United States is earning more revenue from the travelling cost. United states consist plenty of opportunities for getting revenue from tourist. Specially Disney land, and most important city Las Vegas, which is one of the most famous city for entertainment. I think young couple tourist and young single tourist are more willing to visit such a places like that. So this could be the reason why still United states in 1st rank in generated income table.

CHINA china continues to lead 3rd in ranking of the world’s tourist visited numbers table in terms of arrivals and ranks fourth in receipts. The reasons for the

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