All Inclusive Vacation Essay

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1. Explain how all-inclusive vacations or cruise vacations can create a negative effect for local tourist industries?
All- inclusive vacation refer to the type of tourism that you just have to pay one time and it provide air tickets, airport taxes, fuel surcharge, insurance, accommodation, all meals, all entrance fees, tips for driver and guides. And do not need to pay any extra fees. Expect for the shopping and snacking. And for the cruise vacation, it refer to the vacation that at cruise ship. The duration of the vacation is up to you it can be short or long trip. Basically, you can enjoy all the facilities that provided. (CYM, 2009)

All-inclusive vacation or cruise vacations affected the income of local tourist industry. Tourism industry
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Tourism can proceed from an alternative form into mass tourism, and many times there is pressure to do so, but it cannot retreat from mass tourism to an alternative form of tourism. Demand for alternative forms of tourism is on the increase. Whether this is due to the root causes when the consequences of market demand are considered. With increasing demand for alternative forms of tourism, tourism developments will be dedicated to providing alternative travel experiences. How they are planned and managed will be an important area of tourism development research in the future.

Finally, from the overall discussion, it would seem that mass tourism is an inherently bad development option, and alternative forms of tourism are better; this is not always the case. Most of the criticism directed at mass tourism developments arises because of the unplanned nature of the development. Alternative forms of tourism are a reaction to the impacts spawned by unplanned developments, a form of adaptancy to deal with tourism development’s problem. References and Bibliography Butler, R.W. 1990, Alternative Tourism: Pious Hope or Trojan horse? Journal of Travel Research, Vol.28, no. 3

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