Tour Guide Challenges

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Research topic: Becoming a tour guide in the UAE: Prospects and challenges
Research Question: What are the opportunities and challenges facing trainees who wish to become professional tour guides?
Tourism is one of the leading sectors in many of the world’s countries such as France, United States, Spain and China. Tourism helps in improving the country’s economy, here in the UAE depend on tourism and it helps the economy improving too. Dubai is one of the leading emirates in tourism earning 27% of its GDP from tourism receipts in 2013 (Rogers, 2014).
Tour guiding is an important profession worldwide so it is essential to have knowledge, experienced and well taught tour guides to promote the tourist destinations. There are many
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Insisting on the fact that guides are of vital importance both for tourism and tourist experience, Black (in: Pastorelli, 2003) has identified the following roles: information provider, social facilitator, cultural host, motivator of conservation values, interpreter of the natural and cultural environment, people mover. She also mentions “other roles and responsibilities of tourist guides“: teacher or instructor, safety officer, ambassador for one's country, public relations representative or company representative, entertainer, problem solver, confidant and …show more content…
Specifically, this study is to:
• Examine perceptions of trainees regarding tour guides.
• Examine motivations for becoming a tour guide
• Identify the challenges faced by trainees in becoming a tour guide.
• Identify concerns that are important to trainee tour guides.
Signification of study:
Conducting this research is important because this study will identify and investigate the challenges, concerns and opportunities facing the trainees who wish to become tour guide by attempting to understand the problems facing tour guides and examining the trainee perception regarding tour guides and tour guiding and to know their motivations in becoming tour guides and to work in their place of profession. Moreover, it’s to help them approach these chances and help answer some of the circulating questions in the field, change the way people do their jobs in a particular field and may change the way people live. This research study could provide information on the issues of having lots of tourism majors’ working in a different major because they are not able to work in their place of expert. Further, this study would also be a review to the challenges and the opportunities confronting tour guides while practicing their profession. This study would expectedly heighten the awareness of the tourism students and tour guides by providing baseline information

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