Touch Football and Energy Systems Essay

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Research Report: Processes and Effects of Training and Exercise in Touch

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

2.0 Data Analysis 3 2.1 The Game of Touch 3 2.2 Middle Position Requirements 4 2.3 Wing Position Requirements 5 2.4 Personal Fitness Profile 7

3.0 Discussion 8

4.0 Recommendations 9

5.0 Conclusions 10

6.0 Appendix 11

7.0 Bibliography 12

1.0 Introduction
All athletes regardless of age, gender, genetics or sport can benefit from effective training. It is important that the selected training improves the body’s ability to perform tasks associated with the chosen
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They need speed, agility and quickness, which all derive from an anaerobic base. Anaerobic capacity can be defined as, the ability to quickly put body parts into motion and sustain high intensity efforts. (Amezdroz, 2010) This fitness component is most relevant to wings. While playing touch wing players have rapid increases in energy demand such as short sprints forward or to score. The game of touch repeatedly demands these high intensity efforts. After these short bursts of acceleration wings must be able to recover quickly without fatigue. Quick recovery cannot be done without a high level of anaerobic capacity.

Agility is defined as the ability to change body position quickly with precision and accuracy. Agility is important to wing as you are constantly changing body positions throughout a game and accuracy and precision is essential to scoring and dodging in game play. Examples where agility is used is dodging a defender while running, changing positions quickly such as a swap over or moving back, anticipating other peoples movements and performing a dummy.

Muscular Power
Muscular Power is defined as the ability to use strength quickly for an explosive effort. Wings constantly require explosive efforts throughout a game. Wings are relied on to score, explosive sprints when scoring use muscular contractions at maximal force. These contractions require power from muscles such as quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Muscular power

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