Total Quality Management Procedures And Application Essay

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Total Quality Management and How it is applied in a working situation
P124346 Calvin Barnes
Management Procedures and Application
Dr Talib Butt
Total quality management (TQM as it will be referred to in this report) has no general accepted definition, however is considered to derive from the coming together and effective intergration between the seven following components within a company’s approach to management:
1. Capable leadership
2. Customer driven
3. Product/Services (design, control and improvement)
4. Systems (design, control and improvement)
5. Processes (design, control and improvement)
6. Resources utilization
7. Human resources development
TQM is a management system for a customer-focused organization that involves all employees in continual improvement. This approach is adopted by many large organisations who see their customers as their driving force and see the importance in maintaining a constantly satisfied consumer base. Due to which, when looking at the scheme of TQM on a whole, it can be seen as a comprehensive and structured approach to the idea of management that actively seeks to continuously improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinement and improvement which, to ensure this is in line with their customers best interests, relies on the continual feedback assuring all of their customers’ needs and expectations are met and exceeded. The main aim of TQM as a management tool is to seek quality assurance and quality control…

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