Analyse The Role Of Good Governance In Health Organisations

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Good governance is a critical aspect in the success of a health organisation. According to the World Bank (2009), good governance allows for the efficient and effective delivery of health services to the people. Health organisations, therefore, should have a clear understanding of the meaning of governance, its importance, and its implications to the community and its people. Governance should not be confused with the term management because having an unclear understanding of the differences in their meaning and functions can lead to a dysfunctional organisation (Bader, 2008).
Bader (2008) stated that those who are governing an organisation are responsible for approving policies that would help realise the company’s goals and
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For the purpose of this paper, the author will focus on three key components - accountability, stewardship, and leadership; explain their meanings, and analyse their importance and role to the success of an organisation.
Accountability is said to be one of the driving forces that help ensure that people are acting or working in accordance to the set principles and standards (Williams, 2007). According to the World Bank (2007), accountability means being responsible for one’s actions or decisions. It is said to be one of the cornerstones of good governance because it helps ensure that the directors are doing their best to meet the organisation’s goals and keep the stakeholders’ best interests at heart. In order for one to be accountable, there should be the presence of these two factors: answerability and enforcement. The directors must be able to justify their actions and decisions (answerability) and there must be an external force or factor that will oversee their plans and actions through the creation of sanctions (enforcement). As Williams (2007) points out, a person unconsciously becomes accountable because of the presence of these two factors. Accountability plays a very crucial role to governance and the lines of accountability must be clearly stated in an organisation
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In this type of approach, employees feel that their opinions matter and they are an important part of the organisation. While this type of leadership approach can uplift and boost the morale of the employees, Leadership Toolbox (n.d.) noted that this type can only work in organisations with competent employees or those who are knowledgeable enough about the job, the tasks, and the company. An example of this type of leadership approach would be in marketing groups wherein everyone is encouraged to share their ideas about what would work best for the project. The head of the group would then gather the ideas from the team members and choose the best among the

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