Essay on Torture Should Not Use Torture

1170 Words Apr 6th, 2015 null Page
When it comes to the topic of torture to obtain information most of us will readily agree that it is a controversial issue. Where this agreement ends however is whether or not torture should be utilized to obtain information. Some people such as myself believe that torture should never be used to get information, while others maintain that torture should be used to gain information. Some people may say that under extreme circumstances such as an impending terrorist attack on the United States torturing a suspect to extract information should be permitted, they believe that torture is the best way to obtain information, but that’s where they are wrong. During the summer of 2008 fifteen senior interrogators met to talk about the method of interrogation that was the most effective and gives the most accurate information and they stated, “Torture and other inhumane and abusive interview techniques are unlawful, ineffective and counterproductive. We reject them unconditionally” (Top Interrogators Declare Torture Ineffective). Not only do these highly trained and experienced officers of our intelligence community say that these methods of interrogation are counterproductive and unlawful, they also say that traditional interview style interrogation is the best way to obtain accurate information from a subject. Another problem is the physiological effect that torturing another human can have on a person. This could cause any number of mental problems such as post-traumatic stress…

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