Torture: Justified or Unjustified? Essay

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Amber Ellis
Jessika Griffin
Eng. 093
March 23, 2012

Torture: Justified or Unjustified?
Is torture justified? Does it make us feel safer? Most Americans would say that it is immoral to torture any human being for any reason. There are a few people left who would disagree with that and say that some deserve to be tortured in order to obtain information that could potentially save the lives of hundreds or thousands.
According to Michael Levin torture may seem unconstitutional or barbaric to some but to others it seems the only solution to stopping a potential threat to hundreds or even thousands of innocent lives. My question to him: how do you determine if those that the threat is against are actually innocent or do we
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When he explains that it is more important to protect the innocents that are threatened, I think he takes it a little too far by justifying that it is ok to hurt one to save many. I do believe in saving innocent lives no matter what it takes but I don’t believe in killing a human being just to say it was to protect.
Some torture may be needed in the case of saving lives but who is to say that certain torture that is afflicted on so called “terrorists” will not make things worse, leading the person of interest to say or do things just to get out of being tortured. If a human being is put through something like that they are far more likely to concede and say what the torturer wants to hear and this may be misleading or false all together. If that happens then we are no closer to saving innocent lives than before the torture began. Michael Levin made an astonishing statement in his essay that most people probably do not know. He states that Roosevelt could have had Hitler killed in 1943 but did not because of his moral grounds. I understand completely how some cannot or will not do things because it goes against their morals but if the statement he made was true then think of all the thousands of lives that could have been saved, the horrible reality of the war, and all the anguish that could have been avoided but was

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