Top Major League Starting Pitchers By Era Essay

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In Figure 1 we can see a snapshot as of June 29th 2016 of the top major league starting pitchers by ERA. While this only shows basic statistics and is sort-able via any method listed in the columns, you can easily see how these numbers could be gathered, analyzed, and tabulated in a way that could quantify that the performance based on any number of different algorithms depending on what values you were looking for. For example, if someone were interested in who the most durable pitcher is that season, they may sort by innings pitched. If someone else thought the number of strikeouts was more valuable, that number could be the sort feature. Since there is no single set of statistics that every team uses, there’s no single algorithm that will show a definitive example of a Sabermetrics algorithm. One team may value a weighted average of innings pitched per start plus ERA plus WHIP with each statistic being weighted differently, while another might go by number of quality starts plus SOIP plus average innings per year. A third may value pitch efficiency over number of innings and may instead use average pitches per inning plus runs allowed per nine innings. All of these are valid statistics and depending on what the needs are for that specific team; all would hold different degrees of importance.
Bill James, one of the “founding fathers” of modern Sabermetrics is most famous for the algorithm which is still somewhat used today. That algorithm although not always…

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