The Civil War's Impact On The Game Of Baseball In The United States

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The Civil War had a huge impact on the game of baseball and how it evolved. The background of baseball is a key part of how it is played now and how different it is. Baseball during the Civil War was a thing. The Union and Confederate soldiers each played as well. The game of baseball is completely different now from how it was when it first started from rules and regulations to who they let play.
Baseball is the game that really shaped sports in America. It was played during war times just for fun so the soldiers had something to do. It is also known as our nation 's pastime. In the year 1845 baseball in America started up. But earlier even in the 1600s, they played “rounders”. A game similar to baseball except they could throw the ball
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In 1845 he invented the rules of the game that really basically stuck to how it is played now. He even drew out the diamond the game would be played on. With his rules, from that point on they used bats, flat bases, and could not throw the ball at the runner to attempt to get them out. The first official team in America was called the Knickerbocker Baseball Club. The first game they played was against the New York Nines, in Hoboken, New Jersey. The Nines won the game 23-1. Alexander Cartwright is now known as the “father of organized baseball” for how he shaped the …show more content…
In 1849, African Americans were banned from being on any type of professional baseball team with white people. The first known baseball game between two African American teams was in 1859 in New York City. Right after the Civil War ended, black baseball formed in mid/atlantic states. African Americans soon started what came to be known as the “Negro League”. This league consisted of mainly African Americans and Latinos that were turned down by the Major Leagues because of their race. But by 1892, the only independent African American team left were the Cuban Giants. By 1920s, Atlanta Georgia formed its very own Negro Southern League. By 1945 blacks and whites were allowed to play together in the same league, but that would lead to the end of negro leagues. In 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier for the MLB. This allowed all races to be allowed to play together in the same league. Robinson made his debut in Brooklyn on the Dodgers field. This was officially the end of separation from the reason of skin color for baseball.
Now the MLB is set up to where there is an American League and National League, also known as the AL and NL. In each league there are a Western division, a Central division, and an Eastern division. For the Majority of the season, NL teams will play other NL teams in a three game series. But yet they do play AL teams as well. Each

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