Tony Horowitz And The Civil War Essay

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Tony Horowitz is an America journalist and writer; he has won the Pulitzer award for his work on “conditions in low-wage America“, which was published in The Wall Street Journal. His genre has a deep connection to the civil war. This book is no different; it is as first person narration of his travels through the south. Horowitz gives his thoughts and opinions of his travels around the south, mostly looking for, remnants of the civil war, historical places, the impact of the confederacy, racism and how it has impacted the south. Horowitz ends up finding out that there are allot of different views about the civil war and the impact that it has. He also finds that the idea of the confederacy has evolved in many places, that Avery state, city, county and individual means something different.

The tittle “Confederates in the Attic” fits in very well as you read through the book. Horowitz demonstrates though his travels though the south how the confederacy idea of separatism, Xenophobia, self righteousness, anti-government and distrust of the north still persist today. In his travels thought the south Horowitz meets many different people that have different opinions of the “lost cause” and why people in the south keep remembering the civi war like if tit happened yesterday.

It is interesting that people in the United States forget history very easily compared to other countries. Americas vaguely know the history of the United States, in fact most immigrants, at least in the…

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