10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Chapter 1 Summary

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The introduction to Gillion’s novel the 10 days that unexpectedly changed America strays away from well-known dates and explores the other parts of history from constitutional to cultural and answering so very important and intriguing topics open for discussion along the way in just 10 overlooked events in American history. Also telling us Puritans play a major part as “the original sources”. The epilogue, shows us that there are many surprising and unknown things in America’s history that haven’t been taught yet. Also analyzing all the important dates and time frames each thing happened in and all the new twist and turns history has.Gillon also helps to see the progression in American from 1637 to 1964 and maybe even some comparisons to events that happen now in government and society. In his book 10 days that unexpectedly changed America Gillion introduces major themes such as …show more content…
The opening introduced General Grant and his cunning and also very drastic war tactics to win. This chapter also uses detain to inform us of the Confederate enemy is the Union and its general Winfield Scott. General Scott was the man who informed President Lincoln of the plans of the south after he found the battle plans underneath a shady tree and President Lincoln at the time is trying to stop the spread of slavery a problem mostly in the south but tells them to go ahead and attack the confederates. The confederated learn that the Union figured out its plan but Grant said go through with the plan anyway. This chapter also focused on how the Confederates may have been stopped in tactic but no true winner because all know the blood shed that

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