Toms Auto Service Essay

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Toms Auto Service Case Study

#1) Toms Auto Service (TAS) would define their customer service package by providing friendly and professional employee who interact with customers, providing oil, oil filters, tires, windshield wiper blades, and lubricants. They also provide their customers a waiting room with fresh blends and assortments of coffee, tea, soda, magazines, Wi-Fi, and high definition televisions. More services that they include are discount coupons, cleaning the vehicle inside and out, reviewing service history with the customer, and explaining the technical aspects of the vehicle service or if a mechanical problem is discovered. Their mission is to make sure that the customer leaves happy and in a timely fashion. The
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Customer contact and behavior refers to the physical or virtual presence of the customer in the service-delivery system during a service experience. Service provider selection development and empowerment is where the company looks for employees who can think critically, problem solve, has outstanding analytical skills, assertiveness, empathy, stress tolerance and patience. Recognition and reward is finding ways to motivate or keep your current employees motivated through preferred parking spots for being the highest seller in the store, pay raises, extra vacation time, or simple discounts. Service recovery and guarantees is a promise to reward and compensate an upset customer through service failure, error, defect, mistake and crisis. Service recovery is the process of correcting a service upset and satisfying the customer.

#3) There are a lot of processes that companies multiple processes that they use in order to reach their customer more effectively. Five processes TAS stores use hiring the right people, checking the customers in, meeting with their customers after they have received a service, taking surveys to reach out to the customers for better service quality, and maintaining a professional image. These processes that TAS uses are important because they help keep the business alive. Hiring the right people to run your stores are a big reason why you are in business. By hiring quality employees will help

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