Tommy, The, And Social Factors On The Parenting And Care Of Tommy

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Evaluating Tommy, an eleven month old who seems may not be developing normally as his other five siblings have can lead to a variety of questions towards the parenting and care of Tommy. In assessing a comprehensive diagnosis based on biological, psychological, and social factors on Tommy’s life, the way he has been raised and the care he has been given can lead to many answers towards why Tommy has not developed normally as his mother is considered. Biologically, Tommy cannot sit nor pull himself up to a standing position in his crib. Furthermore, Tommy has not started crawling yet either. As an eleven month old crawling, pulling himself up, and sitting on his own are key developments of Tommy’s age group. His mother is considered about Tommy’s delayed development as she noticed her other children did not have this delay in their development. Perhaps there are questions that can be asked to explain why Tommy has yet to crawl and pull himself up could be that the mother had not provided Tommy with enough time to teach him these things. I would want to know whether the mother encouraged Tommy to try to crawl or if she simply waited for him to do it on his own. Did she provide Tommy with support so he can learn to sit up or pull himself up to a standing position on his crib? Perhaps Tommy is afraid to fall and the mother has not provided him with the comfort that he will not fall if he tries to sit up or pull himself up. I would like to know whether both parents were involved…

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