Tom Wujec : Build A Building A Team Essay

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Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team explores the nature of team formation using a short term activity (Ted, 2010). During the activity teams are formed a goal is defined and supplies are provided and the activity was completed (Ted, 2010). What the participates learned is that most of the time set aside for the activity was used while leadership struggles were taking place(Ted, 2010)..
A team is defined as a group of people brought together to perform a common task (Sohmen, 2013). This group was required to learn to work together and cooperate in order to achieve the assigned goal (Sohmen, 2013). Typically teams were constructed of a diverse group of individuals who have the skills necessary to reach the organizational target (Sohmen, 2013). The team had to learn to trust one another so they could work together (Sohmen, 2013). Members should have been placed on teams so they could learn new skills as well as provide the necessary skills to reach their goal (Sohmen, 2013).
Team Development Team development has four recognized stages, they are forming, storming, norming, and performing (Butterworth, 2013). Forming, the initial stage is when the group members are first brought together (Butterworth, 2013). This is the stage that the lead provided a clear and compelling goal for the team to meet (Butterworth, 2013). Team members learned about their mission as well as about each other (Butterworth, 2013). This phase is usually short-lived and has little…

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