Tom Sawyer Friendship Analysis

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Friendship is the key to life. Proof of this is shown in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Not only do Tom Sawyer and his friends get in trouble, but they also face serious problems, such as : witnessing a murder, testifying in court, and saving an elderly woman’s life . Not only do Tom and Huck face the fear of being attacked by Injun Joe , but they also experience the joy of being pirates and believe in many superstitions that often result in new adventures. The novel demonstrates in life, friends help us survive the lows, find happiness, and help us mature into adults.
Tom’s and Huck’s lives are turned upside down after the murder of Doctor Robinson. They are left with the choice of turning Injun Joe in or keep quiet to save their
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When Tom is first introduced in the book, he is a goofball that won’t get anywhere in life; Huck is even worse. But through everything they do, they mature in a way that makes them more responsible and better people. “You only just tell a boy you won’t ever have anybody but him, ever ever ever, and then you kiss, and that’s all” (Twain 58). Tom falls in love for a sweet girl, something that only a true man would do. Becky makes Tom a better person indirectly, for his love for her makes him a true hero. Such an example of this is when Becky rips the book, but Tom, out of his love for her, confesses that it was him and takes her lashes. “Only if you get married I’ll be more lonesomer than ever. No, you won’t, you’ll come live with me. Now stir out of this, and we’ll go a digging” (Twain 178). Tom also cares for his friends, which is one of his biggest signs of growth. His friends make him selfless, even though he is shown to be egotistical at first. At first, Tom wanted to get out of work and would trade knickknacks only to impress other. But he settles down and cares for his friends, especially Huck, who desires to leave the Old Widow. However, Tom truly cares about him and tricks him into staying with her, a sign of a true and dear friend. Without friends, how would we have fun, grow up, or achieve happiness? The answer is we can’t. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer perfectly depicts this. In the novel, friendship is a key to how Tom and Huck live their lives. These kids face a wide variety of experiences where friendship helps them get by and thrive. The book teaches us how we can live our lives to the fullest, just like how Tom and Huck

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