Toilet Speech Essay

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When you feel your bladder clenching and turning you know instantly that it’s time for a toilet stop. But when you are doing your business have you ever wondered how the toilet was even invented? Probably not as if you lose focus you’ll probably miss your target hole. The invention of the flushable toilet changed the world significantly helping the environment and also improves the efficiency of us going to take a dump. Although many of you do not even give a thought about the great history of the toilet but I will fascinate you with these extraordinary facts and ideas. The word ‘crap’ came from the false inventor Sir Thomas Crapper who was the one who claimed to have invented the toilet, but he did not as he was the one who invested and …show more content…
A word of warning the thinking part is tricky because if you think of the ’wrong’ things you can have a hard time trying to aim for the toilet. Next after your business you will have to flush the toilet by pressing a small button on top of the toilet, this release a chasm of water that will wash through the toilet down to a drain and all the waste will have an adventure through the sewage. Now you will have to go and wash your hands, if you are hygienic, by walking to a sink and turning on the tap. Rinse your hand thoroughly under water with soap this will clear off most bacteria you have on your hand. Now you should get a towel and dry your hands this can be very helpful to not feel your hands are like aliens or pollute them even more. Now after you have finished, walk to the door and go outside. You have just gone to the toilet to empty your bladder. Congratulations. Here are some very important rules that you need to remember and avoid when using the toilet. If the toilet is unlocked, you should give a knock before entering just in case there is someone already inside. If you don’t and blindly walk in, you could be met with an explosion. Also learn to make your trip fast and efficient and also make sure that EVERYTHING goes in. Lastly if you make a mess, use some brains and clean it up, don’t leave it to the next person it’s called hygiene and respect. So I hope all of you guys learnt how to use a toilet now.
Now you know how to safely and cleanly operate a

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