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Waking up every morning and walking into an old dated bathroom isn’t good at all. Bathrooms are very essential rooms because our days start and end there. Consequently, it is essential to renovate your bathroom if you experience problems when showering or after using it. Some common bathroom issues that need immediate action include leaking water to the floor just below it and small size such that you can hardly move around comfortably. However, it is essential to work with a professional contractor so as to successfully transform your nasty, old-dated bathroom into a luxurious, warm and inviting spa. At Sebring Services, we offer professional bathroom design and remodeling services in Naperville IL and the entire Dupage County.

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Our team of dedicated and experienced bathroom remodelers has what it takes to help you redo your bathroom completely, or simply switch out your floor tiles or countertops. Our services feature the following:
• Communication: We will listen to the features that you want in your dream bathroom so as to give you what you exactly want. We prefer gathering as much information as possible right from the beginning.
• Style: Our Sebring Services team is known for combining style and practicality in a way that suits the needs of our clients. Once you hire us, we will take the offer seriously and work hard to come up with a plan that blends your vision, ideas with our style.
• Construction: We keep time and work within budget during the actual remodeling. During the process, we work smart to control dust and leave your bathroom free of debris and other construction materials.

Great bathroom
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• Include double sinks and extra cabinet space if you are considering to be using the bathroom at the same time with your spouse.
• Choosing materials: It includes choosing materials for the fixtures, tiles and cabinets which are available from preferred vendors.
• Consider removing the bathtub if you are planning to remodel a large bathroom. The bathtub is rarely used unlike the shower which is used daily. Removing the bathtub will definitely enlarge your bathroom and ensure that it is spacious enough to move around.
• Common services: Some of the common bathroom remodeling services includes replacing old inefficient faucets, toilets and fixtures. Others involve moving away from the normal layout, removing the bathtub and adding spa-like equipment.

Bathroom remodeling materials
Bathrooms are generally small spaces. However, they include different features which are catered for in the designing stage. A remodeling project involves use of various materials which are classified into four major categories as outlined

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