Club Of Togo Case Analysis Essay

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6.1 Strategic analysis of the different actors responsible for the organization of Togolese women's football
The strategic approach highlights the structure of cooperation and opposition between a set of actors and the resulting logic of functioning. It complements the systemic analysis that "describes and demonstrates concretely the institutional mechanisms, structural arrangements and power balances that link a set of empirical actors concerned by a given common problem and regulate their transaction" (Friedberg, 1993 : 233). Chifflet10 (1987) shows that the strategy of the actors tries to modify the system and to influence its functioning in order to obtain the maximum benefits (gains) and to minimize losses (failures). The players
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They pass through the women's teams to make their businesses prosperous, to have the recognition of the general public, to occupy positions in football management structures (districts, leagues and federation). To make their actions more visible, they gather an association. This is the case of the Association of Women's Clubs of Togo presided by Leo Glokpor and WOFUT (Women Football United of Togo) presided over by Antoine Kokou Zougbor known as APOTO. But despite the lack of financial, material, and lack of a regular championship, club leaders take individual initiatives to organize tournaments and sensitizing the parents of girls to participate in these tournaments. To this end, the President of WINNERS CLUB of Lomé declared that "despite the absence of sponsors in the Togolese women's football, I personally initiated the APOTO Trophy for a few years to allow clubs to test the players in the absence of the league competitions and the federation. It allows me to motivate the players by distributing the school supplies to them. For apprentices, I pay the apprenticeship contract fee to keep them in my club". Club leaders, through their behaviors, emphasize the importance of their roles in the system of action (Crozier and Friedberg 1977; Friedberg 1993). By taking initiatives, they mark their autonomy in associations through differentiated …show more content…
Due to its strategic position, the press has assets to influence the players. Journalists try to make their contributions through programs, newspapers, surveys, interviews and reports. The press is an area of uncertainty that all players in football are trying to control. Taking advantage of the importance and attention that all actors attach them, journalists use their organs as a counter-power. They influence the decisions of the federation, the leagues and other players by criticizing the sports policy, criticizing the leaders of the federation, the leagues, the clubs, criticizing the players and the parents of the players, sporting public. Journalists can make or break opinions, suggest or direct ideas or desires, manipulate the entire world of Togolese football. They take advantage of their situation to promote club presidents and

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