To Kill A Mockingbird Summer Reading Assignment 1

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Julia Rusak
Mrs. Frechette
English 11 H
11 September 2015
Summer Reading Assignment 1: To Kill A Mockingbird
Chapters 1-5 My brother Jem and I were outside in our front yard enjoying the daytime before Atticus came home and it was time for dinner. As we were out and about I noticed how his left arm was slightly crooked and looked a little funny when he was standing up. When he was about thirteen he broke his arm at the elbow, but he was not concerned about it much as long as he could still play football. Thinking about when he broke his arm brings me back to how we got into this town of Maycomb anyway. My father, we call him Atticus, is a successful lawyer in our town and is the reason we are living in the more wealthy part of Maycomb. Atticus
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We continued telling stories and acting out scenes like we did last summer. One day Jem was rolling me around and pushing me in a tire, until he got a little carried away and I landed in the Radley’s yard. Before I could think of getting the tire I sprinted back to my friends, making Jem retrieve the tire. I am terrified to admit it but I’m pretty sure I heard a noise almost sounding like a laugh when I was in the yard. Dill came up with this crazy story that Boo’s dead body was in the chimney but I know this one isn’t true. We made up a game one day and we acted out Boo’s story of how he stabbed his father, until Atticus caught us and we knew enough was enough. You know how cool I thought Dill was for being crazy and reckless? Well I take it back. He spends way too much time with Jem and they leave me out and I am tired of it. So I made friends with Maudie Atkinson, our neighbor who loves to garden and is the world’s greatest baker. It’s very nice to sit outside with another girl, especially someone I can trust. We talked about a lot of things, she was very witty. She said that Arthur “Boo” Radley was nice when she knew him, and that he is still alive, just spending time indoors to appreciate his biblical studies. The next day, Jem and Dill thought of a ridiculous idea to try to get Boo outside by attaching a note to a fishing pole, but Atticus caught us. I guess Dill and I don’t make such good lookouts after

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