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TRGB loan system

SP1: Identify the work system that is being analyzed

The work system we are analyzing pertains to the “TRGB” used for commercial loan applications.

SP2: Identify the problems or opportunities related to this work system

The points to show the main problems for the work system are as given below:
• The level of interest payment for approved loans is not generated by the system.
• Tighter loan approval system is required by TRGB.
• It is an expensive system.
SP3: Identify factors that contribute to the problems or opportunities

The points to show the factors are as given below:
• Lax credit standards for loan portfolio.
• Risky loan approval leads to interest income for
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• Loan applicant who applies for loan and receives denial or approval of loan.
• Loan officers to earn bonuses on the bases of revenue generated.
• Risk management department of TRGB to check quality of loans.
• FDIC to oversee the TRGB operations as a regulatory body.
AP2: How good are the products and services produced by the work system?


• Some time an error is generated by loan applications.
• The system takes incorrect assumptions for borrower’s loan payment ability.
• The approval or disapprovals of loan on the bases of short term profitability.
• The write for taking loan is too lengthy.

AP3: How good are the work practices inside the work system?


• The proposed loan is discussed between client and loan officer.
• The clients are helped by loan officers to complete loan application.
• The commercial loan requirements for any business are identified by loan officers.
• Loan write ups are prepared by credit analyst.
• Loan applications are presented by loan officers to senior credit officers.
AP4: How well are the roles, knowledge, and interest of work system participants matched to the work system’s design and
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The available human infrastructure and technical support is properly utilized by TRBG’s system. The technical infrastructure of TRBG is outdated but it properly uses its communication and database related technologies.
AP9: How appropriate is the work system’s strategy?


The strategy used by work system does not look very much clear. The points to show the reasons are as given below:
• The loan portfolio of TRBG is very risky. The TRBG is providing more loans for short term profits.
• The efficiency issues are ignored in current system for various aspects.
• The salary of committee’s members is very high, they take long time of nearby four weeks to approve or reject any loan. So it is very costly time consuming process.

AP10: How well does the work system operate as a whole and in relation to other work system?


• The quality and quantity of loans is not produced by current system of TRBG. The system needs updates for proper functioning.
• The cost to decide any loan is very high so it should be

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