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Tinder and Feminism
Tinder is a new dating app used by more than 100 million people around the world. The rise of the Internet has changed our sexual culture the same way it has changed at the beginning of the Agricultural Era when people started to settle down and marriage was introduced. Now people have a chance to have casual sexual encounters with strangers on the app that promises a long-lasting perfect relationship. Tinder is seen by women as a way of showing men that women are free and can do whatever they want, including having casual sex the way the men have throughout history. However, even though Tinder does open up the boundaries for women and let’s them have casual sex without judgement, the modern hook-up culture and online dating does not empower women the way they think it does, instead giving a rise to the man world once again.

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Then learn how to say no. Let them beg for you, treat you like a queen. Those Tinderellas are women that are not confident enough to show men how to treat them. We are making access to our bodies easier for men and they are taking advantage of it. Women are becoming free prostitutes, and a pair of shoes men try on and throw away. We have sexual freedom, and that is a good thing. We should not be stoned to death or killed for something like premarital sexual encounters or polygamy. There should be no slut shaming. However, apps such as Tinder are devaluating women. They are showing men that now that women are free, they are easy to get. Now they don’t have to waste that time and money. They can have casual sex and then go on to the next woman. Gender inequality is still there, and although women had made a big progress in public equality, when it comes to private matters gender equality is hard, if not impossible to achieve because no matter how much we try, sexually wise it is still the man’s world. Don’t think you are tricking a man into having sex with you, you are tricking

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