Time For New Beginnings : America Essay

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Time for New Beginnings It is often said when the stars are aligned for you, your potentials are endless. This is true especially for those living in the united state of America. With a sheer will and dedication there is hardly anything knowing to mankind that cannot be accomplished in this great country. Some may spend countless hours and years pondering about the greatness of America, particularly seeking to find out what makes America great. Some say America is great because of its people, which certainly true, for without a strong group of people a nation can hardly exist. Others argue it’s because of Hollywood, some it’s because of education, while others say because of the men and women who fight for our freedom. All these and many more are great components that makes America the great nation that it is today, but ultimately, I believe it is the government. In recent news, due to conflict over a government shut down, the leader of the House of Representative John Boehner is resigning as Jennifer Steinhauer reported in an article. Without a leader to maintain order, failure is consequential. Each player has a role to play, and certainly the speaker in the House has an important role to play in maintaining order.
The house of representatives is made up of members from all 50 states. Each state is allowed a number of representatives based on the population of each state. On the other end, each state has 2 senators to make up a total of 100 senators in the House. The…

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