Essay on Time For A Change : The United States

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Time for a Change:
There’s been talk about changing the drinking age in the United States. The disagreement is captivating, there are valid claims to be made on both sides. Some would argue if you’re of age to vote or old enough for the military you should be able to buy and obtain liquor. The opposite side ask why our government would condone something that has been proven to harm are new adults. “A majority of states allow for private consumption of alcohol. About a dozen states even allow for alcohol consumption for educational purposes.” (Wikipedia) It’s a very sensitive disagreement as some people feel very sturdily for it to be lowered and some want it to stay the same. Since you’re considered to be an adult at eighteen, I say you should be able to do anything that’s legal, and changing the drinking age to fit this is only morally right.
“Dwight B. Heath knows what he is about to say will sound a little crazy to most people. No, the Brown University anthropology professor is not advocating getting kids drunk. Instead he favors a cultural model, common in countries like France or Italy, where parents serve small amounts of wine to their children at family meals. By doing this, he says, parents educate their kids about alcohol and rob drinking of its taboo allure, which can make rebellious teenagers sneak off to basements and backwoods to binge drink far from adult supervision.” (Brandon Griggs). Kids will always like to be rebellious and the case with alcohol…

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