Tiger Mother : Family Members The Nuclear And Extend Families

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Parents always want their children to be successful, and some of those parents push their children to the best they can. My mother is the one who would try her best to push me and my brother to the edge. “Tiger mother” is a phrase that describes mothers who really strict with their children and want them to be success with all costs. Indeed, Tiger mother might be beneficial to the child, but the family may also be stressed. I have some personal experiences with my mother, and other examples of my mother effecting the whole family. Because of my personal experiences and many people have discussed about this problem publicly, I am curious about how tiger mothers influenced other family members—the nuclear and extend families. Several years ago, I read an article from Amy Chua about her tiger mother and how Amy’s mother educated Amy and Amy’s siblings. So I thought about my own mother, my mother is a tiger mother, but I never felt this was a problem because all family members have to obey her, so it became so normal. I want to lead this topic to somewhat a deeper issues—family issues, which I intend to find out.
According to the article Amy has wrote(Chua 2011), Amy’s parents were both new immigrants, which were poor, this might be one of the reasons why Amy’s mother demanded Amy’s obedience. My parents were both raised in poor families with four siblings. They were both the oldest children in their families, which meant they had to take care of other siblings just like their…

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