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Tiger Parenting: a Mistake

By Alexander Haniotis

Should “Tiger Parenting” be the norm when raising your children?

Thesis Statement
I believe “Tiger Parenting” shouldn’t be tolerated in our society.
Tiger Parenting: a Mistake

Amy Chua’s provocative Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has caused great controversy and debate mainly because of her strict parenting philosophy exercised throughout the entire novel. Chua is questioning the traditional Western parenting ways and inevitably promoting her self-righteous “Tiger Mom” ideology. While I understand certain positive aspects of her extremist theory, I believe that Western parenting is in fact the way to go. Not only should parents respect their
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Yes, you could learn to develop those qualities, and that’s what Chua did with her daughters, but the seeds have to be planted beforehand. Those inner, natural qualities were an undeniably important part of Louisa and Sophia’s success and had nothing to do with Chua’s extreme parenting. Let’s face it, Chua was somewhat lucky that her kids turned out the way they did, the outcome could’ve been different.
That being said, I do agree with some statements made by Chua. Indeed, she is right when claiming that most Americans are far too tolerant when it comes to raising their children and that the United States is falling behind eastern countries such as India and China. However, I do believe that a healthy balance between academics and social activities can be achieved and Chua definitely needs to realize that.

Additionally, Chua’s definition of success is highly subjective and does not represent your average population’s expectations. In the “Tiger Mom” parenting handbook, success is solely academic. I strongly disagree that academic “achievement reflects successful parenting”. Such close-mindedness, I think, is a huge flaw in her philosophy. Sure, her parenting method may have worked for her definition of success (academic), but that’s only one way to look at it. What about going on a humanitarian trip to Africa and helping the people in need? Wouldn’t that be considered as being successful? Maybe your child didn’t win “the Greater New Haven Concerto Competition at the

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