Tiger Mom Parenting By Amy Chua Essay

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Tiger Mom Parenting As a group of young students walked around Kennedy Middle School, they talked about their parents and how they were screamed at by their unyielding mothers at home. They talked about how bad they felt when their mothers even composed a harangue for them. All around the world, people have recognized the parenting strategy called “Tiger Mom Parenting”. This type of parenting has produced extraordinary results. Piano and violin prodigies, mathematical geniuses, computer whizzes are all results of Tiger Mom Parenting. On January 11, 2011, the debate on Tiger Mom Parenting erupted when Amy Chua published Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. While this method of parenting is severe and asperous, it has produced phenomenal results. In a survey of 33 students in Room 20, 12 kids live with Tiger Moms, but 21 live without them. Is Tiger Mom Parenting really beneficial to students, and is it dominant in society?

What is Tiger Mom Parenting?
Su Yeong Kim, a Doctor in Human Development and Family Sciences, responds to Amy Chua’s allegations with, “Tiger parents and harsh parents are alike, in that both use negative parenting strategies.”. When living with Tiger Moms, kids may not have ever “attend a sleepover, have a playdate, be in a school play, complain about not being in a school play, watch TV or play computer games, choose their own extracurricular activities, get any grade less than an A, not be the #1 student in anything in every subject except gym and drama,…

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