Tiger Mom Essay

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When most moms have their first child, they want the best for them. What the definition of “best” means to these parents can differ. “Best” could be the happiest that they can be on their own accord, or it can mean that they lead a life with values going back generations. Tiger moms want their child to be better than all of their peers, they want to make sure that no matter what the child will not end up to be a failure. If the child is a failure, that could mean that the parent is also a failure. By nature, tiger moms are very competitive and therefore project that unnecessary attribute down to their children. Children to a tiger mom can end up leading lives that they do not want to have for themselves.
Take this girl named Michelle, for
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Her mom already decided that Michelle was to go to Harvard and was to work towards becoming a doctor. That summer and every summer during her high school career, Michelle attended medical school camp away from home. Even though these camps never gave out grades, her natural instinct was to be the best because her mother instilled this on her throughout her life. She never made any friends because she did not know how, even though her mother was not there. When she got back, her mother printed out a spreadsheet schedule of her days during high school. After school she was to study for two hours, do homework, continue piano lessons, and attend speech and debate meetings. Weekends were reserved for private tutoring and volunteer hours at the local hospital. The cycle lasted up until her junior year when her mother added in college classes on saturdays. Every time she slipped behind in her grades, Michelle’s mother would take all of her books since that is the only form of entertainment she is allowed to have. Talking to friends over the phone was never an option either, since she had no friends. When it was time to apply for colleges, Michelle only applied to Harvard, because attending any other school would make her mother disappointed. She never considered following her true passion of going to music school and becoming a part of a professional orchestra. After being accepted, her mother gave Michelle a slight hug. This was the first sign of real appreciation for her daughter during her entire student

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