Tienanmen Square Case Study

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Not Your Parent 's Kind of Protest Throughout history, the process of protest has influenced the present, the past and should continue to influence the future. Protest has helped create the world as we know it and has been a force that has undeniably changed the course of history. The Boston Tea Party protest, which helped form our nation, is an early example. The civil rights movement showed the world that with careful planning, change can be forced. Today 's current situation involving protest is not working as effectively as it could be. To be successful, protest must be transformed to reflect current times. By taking the proper steps for a protest, educating your populous and using technology, protests can be effectively successful. …show more content…
The red cross estimated that on June 4, 1989, twenty six hundred people were killed, and thousands more were arrested. The protest of Tienanmen square was an expression of the fundamental issues and frustrations existing within Chinese society. The protesters used this protest to voice their discontent with China 's authoritative communist government. Boycotts and sit-ins at Tienanmen Square and other areas in Beijing were well organized and orderly, with an emphasis on group solidarity and protection from police attacks. The students mobilized under the protection of Beijing Students Autonomous Federation (BASF) which was composed of several small unions. The movement gained the support of the Beijing Workers Autonomous Federation (BWAF), intellectuals, and journalist alike. The students began organizing and coordinating with the media, attracting worldwide attention. The student announced a hunger strike which generated compassion and a sense of urgency. The increase in coverage made it difficult for the government to use force while disbanding the demonstrations. The students had gained the support of actors and the Chinese intellectual community which helped them draft demands to present to the National People 's Congress. Political and cultural civil disobedience was a direct threat to the Communist Government. When shots were fired at the Tienanmen massacre, chaos and panic broke out among the students leading to an increased death toll. The soldier 's action was indiscriminate, killing students returning dormitories, innocent civilians, and even those who ran and hid. (Lui pp.39-144) This protest had an immediate impact on China 's foreign relations. Together with its allies, the United States quickly imposed a series of diplomatic and economic sanctions against

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