Thwaites Swot Analysis

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Introduction and Goals

Thwaites (Daniel) Plc is an independent family brewer, based in the north of England and founded in 1807 ( The business is a Public Limited Company (Plc) listed on the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) stock market. Thwaites is synonymous with real ales and bitters but also owns an estate of public houses (pubs) and traditional inns as well as a number of hotels with spa’s.

The first analysis (Feb 2015) highlighted the traditional target market for Thwaites to be Male, working to middle class and in the age range of 25 to 55 years old. The report also found that the single, professional female in the age category of 25-35 is a growing market (The Independent, 2015). It
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The Rainforest Campaign organisation is a UK charity that helps raise awareness of the issues caused with the destruction of rainforests. There are many angles of supporting this worthy cause, from the cute cuddly images that are portrayed on their website to the very serious concerns about ‘Women on the Frontline’ (Nellermann et al, 2011) which is a very sobering fact that outlines the high number of women who are most affected by global warming and deforestation. Our goal would be not only raise awareness but also aim to raise £90,000 over a twelve month period. To help measure our impact we would run an annual competition to send a consumer to see the famous rainforests in …show more content…
As I alluded to earlier, the product can be purchased several ways and to make a bigger impact I will put forward the opportunity to sell this product, as well as others, directly through an online Thwaites owned subsidiary, very much like Marston’s do ( With the current infrastructure the way it is there is little or no control over building in greater efficiencies i.e. Booths supermarket have their own transport department and online specialists like Best of British use Parcelforce, a subsidiary of the Royal Mail ( Figure 4 shows where our opportunity is; with the delivery structure. So firstly we can be more resourceful by taking more control over our online sales. Secondly we can add value and make our product more desirable by making shipping so much simpler. Instead of charging by weight like our competitor, a simple cost matrix (fig 4.) has been devised to show the delivery prices are based on spend. There is also two free options compared to just the one from our competitor plus there is also the possibility to ship globally which is something our competitor does not do. Our partner in this is UPS who have a global network and are keen to assist with our pricing structure. UPS are the chosen partner because of their commitment to reducing emissions and their dependence on fossil fuels (, which is demonstrated with the plan to

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