Throwing Under The Girl, By Cecily Von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl

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Introduction The social sciences, the study of human in society and the relationships between humans, connect with how humans interact with each other. Especially how they treat each other after problematic issues, like when their goodness is at stake impacts human behavior. Thus, leading to the expression “throwing someone under the bus” and causing distress to both parties of this situation. The first example is a classic Christmas film, Elf. The second example is an episode from a popular TV show, Gossip Girl, based on a novel series by Cecily von Ziegesar. During these difficult circumstances of throwing someone under the bus, someone will always be hurt in the process, whether it is physical or emotional.
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Blair is about to graduate from high school and needs another elite status to overrule because her days of being the queen of her high school are over. Serena Vander Woodsen, Blair’s best friend and nemesis have a complicated relationship of always fighting to be the best, but in the end, they will always be best friends. Their characteristics are always in opposition; Blair is always put together and proper while Serena is more scandalous and free spirited. Blair and her maid, Dorota, discuss the importance of the Colony Club, a social club for elite women, and how it is crucial for Blair to be a part of this organization of prestigious women. When Blair meets with the Colony Club ladies, she is shocked as to what the ladies had to say about her and her company. Person One stated, “We are known by the company we keep. Tell me, was that Serena Vander Woodsen who came earlier?” (Wharmby, 2009). As much as Blair hates Serena at certain times, they are still great friends. When Person One brought up the subject of Serena, Blair knew that the issue of Serena’s bad reputation would stifle her membership in the Colony Club. Blair’s goodness of friendship was hurt. She responded to the Colony Club, “Well when I said she was an old friend, it was habit. I don’t—Can’t approve of how she lives her life” (Wharmby, 2009). As she says this statement, she is throwing her friend under the bus in order to achieve membership in the club. Blair implies that she and Serena have no other connections because she has moved on from the past toxic relationship, which is not the case. Blair had a specific motive, the Colony Club, and she needed to do anything she could do in order to achieve this goal, meaning she would have to disown and

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