The Underdogs Analysis

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The colonists were the underdogs. We had a weak army and navy. Our colony was hastily organized, as well as our army. We had almost no supplies. The British army was very strong and well-trained. They had many supplies and ammunition. They were exceptionally organized.. They had a smarter army and they knew exactlly what to do. On the other hand, our colonist army was very small and we could not stand up to the Redcoats. But, Washington came up with a strategy. The plan was sneak up on the British, forcing them to surrender. We won that battle and many more following. We had gained what we wanted in the beginning, as well as the French as our allies. The underdogs became the alpha. The colonists became the winners. Yes, we did not have the strongest army. Our army was not very trained. And the British army was the exact opposite of that. But we stood our ground and found the British weaknesses. That was our strategy. In the end, our
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The side I was fighting on, was the colonists. We wanted to become independent, and free from British rule. The British were unhappy with this idea and wanted to make sure that we did not win. This is because they needed us to pay taxes and keep their government running smoothly. The British army and navy were very well trained, unlike our small weak army and navy. The British were very organized not just in their army/navy, but in their government. So, naturally, in the beginning the British beat us in many battles. We needed to come up with a plan to win, because we could not live anymore, by being ruled by the British. The battle of Saratoga was the turning point because we won the battle and gained France as our ally. Washington came up with the plan. The plan was to sneak up on the British and surprise them. They wouldn’t be aware enough and we would take advantage of this and fire. The British were surprised and they had to surrender. We won that battle and many more after

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