How To Write A College Dropout Essay

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College Dropouts In today’s society, dropping out of college is becoming habitual. After high school, many students have the choice to go to college, join the military, start working, or do absolutely nothing. Some students are persuaded into going to college because they’re told with a degree one doesn’t have to work in the service sector. This allows the student to have ambitions to go into a certain career that pays more than a minimum wage job. Also more opportunities open up to those who attend college and get a degree. First-year college students have it the toughest because they don’t realize going from high school to college is a tremendous change. First-year college students sometimes end up dropping out. They either lack the motivation that they used to get, stress out between college and work, or because a family problem may occur. In fact, all it takes a student is one semester to realize college isn’t for them. When a high school student attends their first semester in college, they don’t know what to expect this can lead to lack of motivation. Most students in high school pass their classes by their teachers constantly reminding them of the due dates, and repeating answers …show more content…
Three major reasons are the lack of motivation, stress between college and work, or due to a family problem. Many students aren’t aware of the college life, and when situations get tough they choose the easy way out. Students feel as if they are not being pushed hard enough like they were in high school. Some that have moved out cannot afford to go to college and pay for their living expenses. There are also situations in which students face emotional distress caused by a family death or injury. When facing such situations, students contemplate whether college is worth going to or not. Most students decide to drop out. Students should maintain a single goal for college, and try their very best to follow through with

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