Three Gorges Dam Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… To provide a smooth and in time workflow should the pro-ject manager receive reports from all parts of the support team. This enables the project- or line manager to control the working force concerning punctuality, work achievement, and, most important, quality. Sometimes it might be necessary to change already given orders and therefore should all reports be received weekly, in some cases even daily. The installing of deliverables is a very important task to control the time schedule and can be set sub-ordinate targets. In the case of the TGD could sub-ordinate targets be the finishing of the concrete, stone, electricity, software work, …show more content…
Due to the complexity of the Three Gorges Dam project it is difficult to forecast the exact date of completion. So far 15 years seem to be enough but the whole project relies on many differ-ent factors but external effects can hardly be predicted. The resettlement of the people living in the area could not be as easy since they have to leave their homes and have to leave many things with sentimental value behind. Also could environmentalists intervene the whole pro-ject due to the fact that such a great area will be flooded. How much time these steps in the project will take can only be estimated.
Also should be kept in mind that the project includes various teams in which many different companies from all over the world take part. A close collaboration and communication is es-sential to keep up a smooth
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For such a project should be taken into con-sideration that one project manager could not be enough and a project manager team should be found. The skills one will need are tremendous and are hardly to be found in one single person. Also could a team guarantee a better result as responsibility could be shared as well as the thinking of possible solutions.
However, all members of the team, the project manager/ the project manager team, the senior board and the support teams, need to collaborate and not only think about their personal gain in order to achieve the goal of completing the project in time.

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