Psychological Case Study Ashvinya

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Background Information:

Ashvinya is a Sri-Lankan that was born in Africa, Zimbabwe on February 10, 1997. She twenty-one years old. She now lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is a family of four. She has an older brother, father and mother. She has a very close relationship with her parents and has a difficult time to getting along with her older brother. She enjoys painting, dancing, singing, partying and being very social. She had a best friend since elementary school that she was very close, but now is she considers an irregular relationship. She had drifted apart from her best friend around the age of seventeen because she had just started her new relationship with her boyfriend of about two years. They had broken up due to varies reasons such
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Ashvinya has had some deviant behavior that has occurred throughout her time living away from home alone. She has a habit of complaining about her boyfriend to everyone she meets. Her roommate was also attending Trent University, when she had friends over from school Ashvinya was not as social as she was when she first met these friends. She did not leave her room to greet the friends they had over she remained in her room, society seeks that as an abnormal behavior. Ashvinya had a lot of distress that she would refuse to confide in her roommate or boyfriend or any sort of family and friends. She began to confide in people that she would meet on the rare occasions she would leave her apartment. She threatened to cut herself when you insisted on spending time with her, she always just wanted to be left alone. Per the “Psychology themes and variations fourth edition by: Wayne weiten Doug McCann page 660. It states that when an individual doesn’t not meet the expectation of a norm they have the possibility of being labelled with a mental illness.” Maladaptive behavior was displayed in Ashvinya`s everyday life. Ashvinya felt upset about the way she had turn her life for the worse and presented herself to a smoking and drinking every day to fill the void that she thought she created for herself. She chose to be impaired to take away the feeling of disappointment and depression she perceived. Ashvinya wasn’t aware of was that she was much worse when she was impaired. She getting intoxicated to the point where she was not aware of what was going on and attempts to harm herself or get physically mad with anyone in the room. As time passed throughout the year, Ashvinya had come to realize that she needed to seek help and her first step forward was speaking to the closest person to her, her roommate. She had explained to her roommate that she was feel depressed, stressed, couldn’t stop

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