Thomas Paine : Common Sense Essay

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Arriving in the New World during November of 1774, it did not take long for the political revolutionary, Thomas Paine, to realize that it was time for drastic change in the British colonies (106). Shortly before Paine’s arrival, the Sons of Liberty, a rebellious group of colonists, threw 343 barrells of tea into the Boston Harbor (Tindall and Shi 128). The actions of the defiant colonists may have seemed radical at first, but the numerous taxes and restrictions that the British government had given unto them caused many Americans, including Paine, to believe that The Boston Tea Party was justified. When Paine traveled to America, or “the Continents” as he called them, he was given a fresh start. Paine left his misfortunate work and marriage behind him, in hopes of starting a new life. Hardly a year after arriving in the colonies, Paine wrote a pamphlet titled Common Sense (106). Published in January 1776, Common Sense sought out to provide arguments for the Continent’s separation from Great Britain. Only six months after the publication, the notorious Declaration of Independence was signed, proving that the 150 thousand copies of Paine’s Common Sense were in fact, more effective and persuasive than many loyalists may have expected (111). Thomas Paine’s conspicuous pamphlet focused on the colonist’s opposing viewpoints, impeccable timing for revolution, and abilities as a free nation; causing his writing to be considered a huge advancement in the sovereignty of the United…

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