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Smartphones have made it possible to connect with social media, check emails, shop online, conduct Internet research, and perform countless tasks using over a million mobile applications from all over the world. The rise in popularity of Smartphones led to a sharp increase in global competition that continues to lower the price of technology today. As American’s we are most familiar with smartphones that retail for hundreds of dollars such as the $649 iPhone 6. Nearly 20% of the world’s population earns less than two dollars a day. Now, with smartphones retailing for $35 in developing countries, people can purchase a smartphone with three week's pay as opposed to a full year’s pay (Kessler, 2014). Affordable smartphones will have an enormous impact on the global economy because smartphones are a “productivity platform for wealth creation” (Kessler, 2014). People in poorer countries all over the world are now finding cheaper and more readily accessible smartphones. For millions of these people in countries such as China and India, this is the first time they have access to the plethora of information on the web. Millions of people in poor and poverty-stricken areas can utilize free online education they could otherwise not afford. This worldwide distribution of knowledge creates invaluable opportunities for millions of people, perpetuates innovation,
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