Barriers Between Communication And Globalization

“Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to a source, but to find intellectual capital - the world 's best talents and greatest ideas”. (John Welch) Globalization is driven by numerous factors, a few are trading and barriers, people movement, communications, and technology.

As trade increases so does contacts. The higher the contacts individuals have the fewer barriers there are in between people and businesses. Over the years trade has been increasing as a result of globalization. With the removal of trade barriers throughout the world, it can help raises the growth rate of trade between the countries. Another barrier is people 's movement, with various of job seekers, new business, and expanding the business. (Forces) One benefit of the people movement is that many developed countries attracted more immigrants than other undeveloped countries. Additional incentives while attracting people and new and growing will follow then businesses was the with economic in the areas of wages and labor demands, as well as the political and
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(Forces) Culture is one factor, words, phrases, or gestures can have a different meaning in each culture. One item globalization can help communication was it made it easier and cheaper to communicate and it found new ways to help with it Communication has changed a great deal over the years. Now doing business around the world has become much easier with an ability to call someone, emailing, shipping products for approval. Email is free and faster than sending a letter in the mail to someone. An email is free and when you send it, it immediately sends and the receiver receives it within minutes. Calling someone can to be tricky because of the different time zones, but the ability to call someone in another country is very helpful expanding your

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