The World Is Flat, By Thomas Friedman Essay

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In the course of his travels to Bangalore, India, Thomas Friedman interviewed several individuals to gain insight on what global outsourcing actually was. He was interested in learning about outsourcing from its foundation to what it was currently (in 2005). In a discussion with an individual from India, the man explained to Friedman that the worldwide economy was being flattened and citizens of the United States were not prepared. The thought of the world leveling resonated in him and led to the start of Friedman’s new book titled “The World is Flat.” Throughout the video, Friedman describes thought-provoking topics of what the world has faced and what it is facing.
In summary of Friedman’s new book he explained there are three different types of globalization eras. According to the textbook, globalization occurs when there is interaction across borders for business purposes and usually trade barriers are eliminated. The first era is titled Globalization 1.0 which began in 1492, when Christopher Columbus set sail in search of the new world, and lasted until the early 1800’s. It was during this era that globalization was initiated by the countries themselves in order to gain power and natural resources. The next era is classified as Globalization 2.0 and just recently ended in the early 2000’s. This era was where companies and multinational companies prompted globalization. Lastly, Globalization 3.0 is instigated by individuals and small groups that have the desire to…

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