The Negative Side Of Globalization

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In this year’s thanksgiving weekend, my family decided to buy a car for my brother since he accepted a job offer in northern Virginia and he needs a car to go there every day. When we started looking for a car, we saw lots of different cars of different brands or different countries cars. Finally, we chose Honda Civic 2015 EX because of its features and great quality of engine and transmission which was manufactured in Japan. I had more choices to choose from and it’s possible because of Globalization. Also, Imagine when you go for eating you see no sushi, Chinese, pasta or any Mexican food, only American; how would you feel? Well I would feel terrible and very disappointed. All the products and services we get from different countries is possible because of Globalization even though globalization affects the world’s economies, immigrations, technology and education in a very positive way, its negative side on other factors such as war, languages, environment and freedom of individual countries should not be forgotten. It is a historical process that results from human revolution and technological progress. There are various ways to define Globalization and the effects it has on the world. Some …show more content…
A lot of citizens from developed countries are losing their jobs and which is creating an issue since the agencies are outsourcing job to other nation because the expense of labor is lower so that they can provide less expensive products to citizens. If a country has too few jobs and too many workers, people can easily move to markets in which the job market is better such as Asian students from China, Japan, and India constantly try to immigrant to developed countries like USA or UK. It also affects their native countries because they are not contributing themselves with their own country. The countries are losing some genius, smart and great students/workers who could help the country to

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