Positives And Negatives Of Globalization Essay

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Globalization is the process of the development of a growing global integration. Globalization is not a recent growth; it has advanced since computer technologies have begun and the fast pace of international businesses. The accelerating pace of globalization is having a profound effect on life in both rich and poor countries (Steve, BBC NEWs, 2007). Many communities believe that the rapid growth pace of globalization probably leads to the positive developments in the world of economy. For instance, that the rise of living standard, labor opportunities, international markets and further advantages. However, globalization also has negative effects widening in many aspects. This essay will demonstrate the positive and negative effects, which contribute to economic globalization.
To begin with, globalization on economy provides excessive benefits
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First of all, it might impact on culture because people can migrate from the lower wage workplace to higher wage workplace or migrate from the high unemployment areas to other wealthier part of the world. In this population flow of labor market will bring many different cultures mix together in a country or one particular workplace (Held, 2004, p. 84). Imagine if a huge population in one country migrate to live and work in another different culture country, their customs, belief, habits, or knowledge might be influenced because they are trying to adapt to the new environment. This cause a big trouble for their own native culture, the way they think, behave, and act. For example, globalization have brought a big opportunity for franchises such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, to spread across the world. Once it enters in a country, which fast-food has never been their culture, people will start to change their perspective toward fast-food. They begin to consume more junk food, which has adversely affected their

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