Thomas Billitteri's Cyberbullying And Preventing Bullying Analysis

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Bullying has been around in the United States of America for quite some time. It started as a stereotypical thing such as a student taking a smaller students lunch money. The issue has now turned into students hating other students and causing serious problems in our society such as suicide and depression. Laws have been put in place to try and stop some of these cases where bullying is causing such serious outcome. Many people in this society wonder if authority, such as administrators and police, have gone to far. Thomas Billitteri’s “Cyberbullying” article and his “Preventing Bullying” article agree on many points including the fact that laws are needed to fight bullying, whether or not the violate constitutional rights, and both articles …show more content…
Both articles give multiple examples of people who have been effected by bullying. Some have resulted in suicide, and some not as serious. Also, statistics are given in both articles of things and people that have been bullied. In Billiterri’s “Cyberbullying” he gives the example of a group of teenagers recording a video of themselves beating up another teen to get back at them. He also uses an example of a thirteen-year-old girl hanging herself after being cyberbullied (Billitteri, et al). In Billitteri’s “Preventing Bullying”, he tells about a girl that hung herself after being bullied and six classmates were charged for the incident (Billitteri, et al). He also tells about a male that jumped out of his dorm room after being watched on a webcam by two other males. The two other males were charged for invasion of privacy (Billiterri, et al). The author gives us these examples to use the rhetorical principle of pathos. The writer wants us to feel sympathy for what has happened. This is used to get the reader interested in what is to come in the rest of the

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