Thomas Billiteri's Article: Education Is Life

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In the Article, “the Value of a College Education”, it states that President Obama announced a $12 billion initiative to help millions of students earn a certificate or degree in hopes to restore the US with the highest number of college graduates worldwide by 2020. After World War II, US led the world with highest percentage of college graduates but now only 39% of adults in the US have degree while in Japan and South Korea more than 50% of adults with a degree. Society is embracing the idea that the American dream is obtained through higher education that brings more financial security. Conversely, Mike Rowe, a cable TV show host about blue collar jobs, states that “we’ve convinced ourselves that ‘good jobs’ are the result of a four-year …show more content…
He presented a counter view to whether we need more money for students to go to college while the jobs don’t represent the need for a bachelor level degree. I think this article will be very helpful for my …show more content…
Parker School in Illinois, wrote the article “Education is Life” to show the purpose of the TIDES program. The TIDES program began as a way for students to see how what they were learning in the classroom relates to the world outside of school. The program was to show how to use technology, in a way that allows the students to solve real world problems. The TIDES program which stands for Technology, Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship for Society reaches beyond the conventional STEM programs. For Technology the students learned problem solving, analyzing, identify, and designing solutions. In Innovation, they challenge themselves every day to find new ways to make an impact on their world. The Design taught them how to grow a creative idea. Entrepreneurship showed them the building process of implementing their ideas. For the Society part was to show how it will impact the world around them. Phase One of the program began in the 2014-2015 school year with training the teachers the principles of the instructional method and collaborating with the public. Phase Two included reviewing the curriculum to meet the goals of TIDES in each classroom. Phase Three was implementing the changes within the structure of the school.
The author, Martin Moran, in the article “Education is Life”. Presents his program of TIDES and the benefits of the program. It was published in 2016 so it a new Program. I like that his program is thinking

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